About Impact Chefs Academy

 Outside Catering Services Nairobi Kenya

Welcome to Impact Chefs & Hospitality Academy

Since its inception Impact Chefs & Hospitality Academy has strived to provide practical Culinary & Hospitality Courses without the added extras that are not relevant to the kitchen and the Hospitality Industry. It’s rated as the finest Culinary and Hospitality Consultancy firm in Eastern Africa by top chefs and Hospitality Professionals.

Vision Statement
To be a leading Culinary and Hospitality Service Provider in Africa.

Mission Statement
To offer the most reliable, committed, and efficient customer based Hospitality Services in Africa.

Impact Chefs & Hospitality Academy continues to go from strength to strength in the Hospitality Industry. Passion, excellence, creativity, expertise, leading edge and tradition make for an exceptional combination and are some of the core values that Impact Chefs & Hospitality Academy Africa believes in.

It is because of these values that the Impact Chefs Academy Africa is an exceptional learning institution. It is known and valued by its peers in the Food Industry for being a center for Culinary Education and Career Guidance and we in turn are doing the best we can to ensure that the ability and passion of our young cooks and chefs in East Africa backs up our peers and industry leaders’ views.